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Overtourism in Italy has brought on a new set of rules in Rome & Venice.  Recently (last month) in Italy, Rome has banned sitting on the Spanish Steps.  It’s such a beautiful attraction, I usually recommend a hotel nearby that’s a short walk for my travelers.  There’s so much to see in that one area. The Trevi Fountain is another landmark that has new ordinances, no eating near it but you can still throw coins into it.  You can read more about both of these at Skift.

Last week the Italian government announced it’ll be rerouting cruise ships weighing 1000 tons or more away from Venice’s canals.  In this article from Cruise Trade News, “…these large cruise ships will dock at Fusina and Lombardia terminals away from the centre of Venice, but still inside the city’s lagoon. By next year, a third of cruise ships will be rerouted.”

Last year the city of Venice decided to implement a ‘day-tripper fee’ which varies between 2.50 euros and 10 euros.  There are exemptions for students and locals.  Overnight visitors are also exempt, they’re charged a small nightly tax by the hotel.  More about this at Skift.

Are you interested in visiting Italy off the beaten path?  Call me to talk about what you have in mind…food and wine?  Exploring the coastlines, an island hop to Sicily?  There’s soooo much to see in this beautiful country and while ancient Roman architecture is probably the biggest attraction, there’s a whole ‘Old World’ that exists too. –Jodi


Photo Credits by Oscar Nord & La So on Unsplash

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